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Institutional Cards

Institutions like preschools, schools, and daycares can obtain an Institutional library card by completing a form.  Such cards are free to institutions located within the state of Ohio.  Institutions located out of state may obtain a library card by paying the paid card fee.

The Institutional application has three parts that must be completed before a card can be issued. In addition, a blank sheet of letterhead stationary or the business card of either the applying or authorizing individual MUST be included with the application, in order to verify the name and address of the institution.  There three parts are:

The Institution's information: The official name and contact information of the business, organization, school, etc. must be noted.

Applicant Information: Name, contact information and signature of the person requesting the institutional card must be noted.

Authorization Information: Signature of the chief executive, owner, director, principal, etc. is required to certify the application and verify that the institution will assume financial responsibility for all materials borrowed. 

The library card will be mailed to the authorizing individual.

Exception: If authorizing individual completes application in person at Main Library, a card may be issued to this individual at the time of application.