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Countries & States

Atlapedia Online
Contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

CIA World Factbook
Contains maps, flags and extensive information about various countries of the world.

Global Trek
Book your own pretend trip!  You choose the country you want to travel to and you will be provided with cultural and historical information about that country.  You can also keep a journal of your travels. 

National Geographic Kids - Countries 
Includes photos and fun facts from many countries.

World Flag Database
Large, clear printable flags and basic country information.


The 50 State Quarters
Shows each state quarter and provides an informational sheet for each state.

Click on a state and find many key facts and other information.

State Facts for Students
This U.S. Census Bureau website focuses on the population statistics of each state.  Includes a breakdown of how many children ages 8-12 live in each state.

State Symbols USA 
Includes an extensive list of state symbols and lets you listen to the various state songs.

Venture: Capital
How well do you know your state capitals?  Play fun quizzes to find out.