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 Getting Help

eBook Help
Unable to find the answers to your questions in any of the above help categories?
Please contact support with a detailed description of your problem or question.

 In order to facilitate troubleshooting, please include the following information in your correspondence:

  1. Library card number
  2. Title(s) of problem download(s)
  3. Steps to reproduce the problem
  4. Exact text of any error messages
  5. URLs of any error pages
  6. Applicable software
  7. Operating system (Mac® OS 10.6.5, Windows® 7, iOS v4.2, etc.)
  8. Internet browser (Internet Explorer® 8, Firefox® 3.6, Safari 5.0, etc.)
  9. If applicable, device type (Android™, BlackBerry®, iPhone®, iPad®, etc.)

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