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 Internet Organizers

 Google Scholar 
A Google "scholarly database" that provides access to publications, archival material, peer-reviewed research, and more.

Great Websites for Kids
Selected by the Great Web Sites Committee of the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association. 

Internet Archive 
This site is an on-line library and archive of Web and multimedia resources that preserves the history of the Web by taking snapshots" of what the Web looked like at various moments in time. The Wayback Machine is the tool that provides links to older versions of a webpage.    

"An Internet reference directory that links to just about every dictionary, encyclopedia, news organization, calculator or conversion tool, and map site on the Web. "

 Virtual Reference Shelf 
Compiled by the Library of Congress, it arranges Internet sites alphabetically by subject for quick, ready-reference use.