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Black Inventor Online Museum
A resource to find information on African American inventors.

Coolest Gadgets
"Gadgets are broken down into nearly 60 categories and subcategories...A search engine is also available in you need to find a specific gadget type or brand."

Google Patents
Google offers keyword and advanced searching of over 7 million patents.

International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA)
IFIA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created by seven European inventor associations in 1968. Today, its membership belong to more than 80 countries. It is the only organization which groups inventors associations worldwide, and a unique spokesman for inventors. IFIA'S OBJECTIVES are to improve the status of inventors at national and international levels, and to promote cooperation between inventor associations.

Invention Dimension 
"The site offers biographical sketches of inventors, links to other sites of interest, and information for adults on such subjects as getting grants for one's inventions."

InventNET-The Inventor's Network 
"This site exists to help inventors develop and market their inventions. There is information about the patent process, a forms library, a directory of patent attorneys arranged by area code and more."

Inventor's Handbook
This handbook was created by the Lemelson-MIT Program to address the independent inventor's and aspiring entrepreneur's most frequently asked questions regarding United States patents.

Inventors Digest
Online "Invention Magazine for Idea People".

Nanotechnology Timeline
From Nano.gov, a timeline covering the history of nanotechnology.

National Inventor Fraud Center
It was founded with the goal to provide information to consumers about invention promotion companies and how people can market their ideas. 

National Inventors Hall of Fame  
Search for inventions, biographies and pictures of Hall of Fame inventors, or search for inventions by decade. Also provides information on inventing and patents.

This site is dedicated to protecting intellectual property interests.  Especially notable is the FAQ section, which helps inventors decide when, where, and how to file for intellectual property protection. 

United States Patent and Trademark Office 
Search a variety of government databases related to patents and trademarks. A special feature helps you locate patent attorneys.

Women of Invention
In the Library of Congress guide, you will find links to internet resources on women inventors.