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Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
Based on the print publication of the same name, this site offers basic rules of grammar and punctuation. Most rules are followed by a phrase or sentence that demonstrates the rule.

Cambridge Dictionaries 
Free access to seven dictionaries geared to individuals learning English as a Second Language.

Citing Sources 
Drop-down menus guide the student in creating the proper citation for vatious types of sources using APA, Chicago Style Manual, MLA or Turabian rules. In addition there are links to other helpful sites for student researchers.

English Club 
Aimed at both students and teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL), this site offers grammar and vocabulary lessons, games, quizzes, forums, chat, lesson plans, and more. Users should note that the site is based in the United Kingdom so apparent spelling errors are probably just British English.

ESLgold: English Study and Learning Materials
Aimed at helping speakers of English as a second language. Includes exercises in grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and pronunciation. Also links to TOEFL sites.

Online Etymology Dictionary 
Combines information from many scholarly resources on language to offer a "comprehensive public list of the words we use every day -- words like the and day" and provides information about the history and derivation of these words.

Speech Topics Help, Advice & Ideas 
In addition to lists of topics suitable for speeches, this site has how-to instructions, arranged by type of speech, such as motivational, informative, persuasive, etc.