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Encyclopedia Astronautica 
Encyclopedia Astronautica is a good source for reference material about spacecraft, rockets, missiles, and rocket engines. Helpful features of the site include a chronology, space-related biographies not easily located elswhere and great graphics.

NASA Home Page 
Up-to date information about astronomy and the space program. This site offers information for users from Kindergartens to astrophysicists.

NASA Spaceflight 
"Access a vast amount of information about the space program, view live video from the space station or shuttle, view photos of planets, news releases, and read documentation about how the shuttle, satellites, and space probes operate. The site is operated by the government and all of the downloads are free."

Sea and Sky 
Links to information about the solar system and constellations as well as deep sea creatures and aquariums. 

Space Page 
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space provide information on astronomy, space sciences, aerospace and aeronautics.

Stephen Hawking's Universe 
Hawking and other scientists explain many of the mysteries of the universe; web companion to PBS series.

Sunrise/Sunset Tables 
"Sunrise, sunset tables, eclipses, data for major solar system bodies and bright stars, earth's seasons and dates."

Views of the Solar System 
The solar system and its exploration, asteroids, comets, and meteorites can all be found on this multimedia site.