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Climate Change 
This United States Environmental Protection Agency site gives the US climate policy, the science behind climate change, as well as steps individuals can take to help the environment.

Dartmouth Flood Observatory
Tracks current flooding worldwide and provides historical flood information back to the 1980s.

Extreme Weather and Climate Events 
Tracks and records the worst weather phenomena, including hurricanes, tornadoes, El Nino and La Nina, extreme temperatures, heavy rainfall, etc. Includes global information, historical statistics, satellite images as well as links to other severe weather sites. Local snowfall and rainfall may be accessed under Climate Monitoring.

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Weather Page 
This excellent site provides a great deal of background on weather as well as storm-tracking links, historical weather data and access to a color landform atlas.

Local Climatological Data 
The NOAA provides detailed current and historical weather data with daily statistics from individual major airport stations such as the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport. Weather conditions are listed for each day and broken down into 3-hour intervals within each day.

National Hurricane Center 
This site is a gold mine of information about hurricanes with forecasts, current data, historical information and lots of hurricane awareness links.

National Snow and Ice Data Center 
Learn about the cryosphere - glaciers, icebergs, snow coverage, avalanches, blizzards and more at this "cool" site.

National Weather Service 
Official U.S. weather forecasts, current weather conditions and storm predictions.

Online Tornado FAQ 
"This site seeks to direct you to the best tornado info available, regardless of whether the source is private, public or commercial."" The FAQ includes information about tornado forecasting, tornado spotting, tornado damage, historical facts about tornadoes. There is also a keyword index."

Weather Underground - UM Weather
"Find weather conditions and forecasts for locations around the world as well as historic weather data, weather cams and other weather links at this site."

Search this site for average temperatures and precipitation, record highs and lows, and cloud cover for all major cities in the world.

Search the magazine's articles at this online site. Articles are also searchable through the library's MasterFILE Premier and General OneFile databases.