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Let's Talk BooksLet's Talk Books!
Who doesn't love a good book? We love reading them and listening to them--and sometimes do both when the book captures our imagination! When we've discovered a good book, we want to pass that reading joy on and so we love to make book recommendations to people we know. It's a game of sorts, isn't it? Who would like this thriller we just stayed up all night to finish reading? Who had the same experience shared by characters in that great coming-of-age story? Who loves to knit and would enjoy that novel about a knitting club?


The thing about book recommendations is this: if you make them, you usually love to get them in return. And if you give one, you usually get three or four! Here is a forum for sharing your book recommendations as well as your comments about books and reading. So here we go... What are you reading?

I thought it would be nice to inform the public of local events and resources such as book, websites and facts in the months of February for Black History Month, April for Child Abuse Prevention Month, May for Foster Parent Appreciation Month, and in November for National Adoption Month.

It would also be nice if the library could have specific books on display during these months and possibly have a lunch and learn speaker in these months to discuss the issues presented on these topic areas. Mahoning County Children Services could possibly assist in planning an event in the months of April, May and Nov. to inform the community about child abuse, foster care and adoption related issues. Just some suggestions 8)
Posted by: radhika07 at 2/8/2011 7:01 PM

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