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Smart-money-for-kids-logo SMexhibit2706Fun Finance Stations at the library. Stop by and try them out.


Make Your Child a ‘Financial Smarty Pants’ with Smart Money for Kids Kits Available for Check-Out in Mahoning County Libraries
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Smart Money kidsLessons about Saving and Spending Money Can Begin in Childhood
What do your children know about money? They probably know it doesn’t grow on trees! They have probably seen it come out of ATM machines, but do they know money from the ATM isn’t free? Being responsible with saving and spending money is a lesson that can begin in childhood. Thanks to the “Get Smart with Your Money” grant at the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County (PLYMC), patrons can check out a financial literacy kit for kids in pre-school through second grade to help them begin to learn. Kits can be reserved by calling any of PLYMC’s libraries. learn more...

Piggybanking for Kids

Parents: Teach your kids about money!  

Smart Money BankThrive By Five
Use these tips and simple activities to help your preschooler understand fundamental money concepts.

Teaching Kids About Money’s financial expert, Neale Godfrey, gives easy tips for helping kids learn about money.  

Birth of a Consumer: How to Teach Your Preschooler About Money
Tips for parents to teach their young children about money.

Financial Security: Children and Money
Personal finance education provided by the Extension Service to help parents teach their children about money.

Money As You Grow
20 things kids need to live financially smart lives

Teaching Children the Financial Facts of Life
Money tips from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corpation (FDIC)

Teaching Your Child Basic Economic Principles
Helpful information from the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions.

Three Jars
Parents: help your kids learn to manage money in an easy, useful, fun way.

Tools for Parents
Financial education articles arranged by topic and others by age from the UT Federal Credit Union.

 What Is Money?

How Are Coins Made?
Did you ever wonder how a coin gets made?

The Federal Reserve
What does the most important bank in America do?

How Do You Get Money?  

Kid Work
Kids: want to earn money? Try these suggestions!

Making Money
What are the things you should think about to help you figure out what you can do to earn money? 

What Can You Do With Money?

4-H Build a Million
Young investors visiting the 4-H Build a Million Club website will find tools, interactive games and activities to show them how to save money and discover the basics of investing. Educators can also find tools to teach middle and high school youth the basics of investing.

 Buy Smart
Do commercials always tell the truth about a product? 

Checkbook Materials
These materials allow kids to make their own checkbooks and learn to use them.

Get the Most for Your Money
Think before you buy! 

Guide to the Stock Market for Kids
Find here many links to resources explaining the stock market.   

Help Your Family Save Money
Part of the U.S. Government's Help for Difficult Financial Times, these comics provide easy examples of ways that children can also help their parents with saving money these days.

Kids & Money: a newsletter for young people
Learn all about what you can do with money by reading these newsletters.  Also you can have fun filling in some puzzles--answers are found in the Money and Your Kids newsletters found on this same page.

Kids Corner FAQ
Answers to questions about banks and how they work.

Managing Money--Bank It!
Learn about managing your money: saving, spending, budgeting, and more.

The Mint
Learn about money: earning it, saving it, spending it, investing it, tracking it and safeguarding it.

Money (Grades K-5)
Links to learn about money and play money games from"A safe place where kids can create, share and learn."

Savings Calculator
If you save $5.00 a week, how much will you have in 10 years?


Change Maker
See if you can make change for $1 up to $100 dollars.

Design Your Own Bill
Make your own twenty dollar bill.

Financial Football
Play this a fast-paced NFL video game and test your money management skills by answering financial questions that allow you to move down the field and score touchdowns.

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure
Learn how important it is to plan wisely while having fun when you play this online board game. 

Hands on Banking: The Future in Your Hands
Kids can explore the world of money through the eyes of the friendly alien Zing.

Let's Compare
Compare amounts of money for a "cool" surprise! 

Run Your Own Lemonade Stand
Can you make a profit running a lemonade stand for one month? Remember to watch the weather report.


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